So when I read quran my baby is ok and likes it but when I play Quran ( the ones that are meant to be for sleeping) she is not ok

Please suggest a soothing calming voice for her night times💞🤗
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Maybe record yourself hushing her and then use it for night, or put white noise sound for her, I think these two would be most soothing to hear after Quran in my opinion xx

@Lina yes I do that, not recorded but me and play quran with rain or music in the background (has been recorded that way) a child's voice, a man's voice .. doesn't help. And I want her to listen to an original Arabic accent (mine is not original) Saas Alghamdi is ok but doesn't make her sleep it wakes her up which later leads to overstimulation😮‍💨

Have you tried TikTok? Or YouTube? Maybe you can search for a woman's voice reading the Quran.

@Stefanie great idea! Didn't think of a woman's voice! 😍💞 I just played one and I think she likes it🤗💗💞 Thank you💗💗💗

@Miracle, very welcome! I'm glad I could help 😌

Salam Aleykoum Sister what video are listening to ? There is few video on YouTube «  Quran for sleeping » that are actually bad there is in the background someone saying inaudible thing I saw a post that said it it’s sorcery I like Mishary Al Afassi my son always calmed when I played him My daughter like Tariq Muhammad , his recordings has some white noise in the background

@Nana Hi Nana ( You have a beautiful name💞) Thank you for pointing that out. Fortunately I understand Arabic and can read and write and I've listened to Quran so much that my ears are familiar with every sourah so if there'd be anything other than Quran in there I'd know because I'm listening with her. Sobhanallah and Alhamdulellah no sorcery can go beyond Allah powers🥰 I'll definitely try out your suggestions! 🤗💗 Thank you my dear.

@Miracle thank you 🥰🥰🥰 Oh what a blessing Al hamdulilah ❤️ it’s one of my biggest dream to understand 100% You’re absolutely right nothing can go beyond Allah’s power

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