Hi girls. I just wanted to introduce myself :) I’m 21 years old and I’m a soon to be single mum my baby boy is due in August but from how things are going it seems he wants to come early haha, I have recently just come out of a severe DV relationship the baby dad is currently in jail and has 0 contact as my unborn baby deserves to stay away from that monster. And trial is as soon as I give birth which is sad lol If anybody has questions or if anyone is struggling with domestic violence and its aftermath especially trying to heal as a single mother because I know hard it has been and how difficult pregnancy has been without that one person there..I just wanna say ur not alone, ur amazing and ur strong 💜 my dms are open for anyone that’s struggling and need any advice <3
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you are so strong 💕💕

@tamara so are you ml 🥹❤️

you’re brave for moving on with your head up and protecting your lil one weldone mama🫶🏾

@Muva👩🏽‍🍼 aww thank you so much 🥺 we stick together 🤝

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