Hey mum’s have any of you struggled with their personal dressing style after giving birth?

First of all I was team small boons after birth my breast became a g cup so looking for tops was challenging
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Yes. 100% 6 months pp and only just now feel like I’ve started to feel myself again.

I didn't really struggle... maybe needed to go up a shirt size after giving birth. I have breast implants, so i was kinda already used to having a bigger chest. I'm a D cup, and i LOVE sports bras! They're comfy, and the right ones can give you the perkiness that a regular bra can. I also really like this long dress that was kind of thin but soft (wasn't too thin). I literally wear the same style most days though lol. Lululemon is my go-to for doing anything.

Definitely! I feel like my whole style changed and it took me a while to feel comfortable. I threw a lot of my old clothes out and basically started again.

I've had 2 back to back pregnancies (my kids are 14 months apart). My little one is 5 weeks old so I'm still in the thick of things. Literally almost nothing in my closet fits me anymore. I need to buy a new wardrobe but I'm hesitant bc I want to lose some weight first. I don't even know what clothes I'll eventually buy.

I had 3 kids in 4 years and I just feel like I’m finally finding my own style again. Nothing from my pre pregnancy days fits me. My booty got way bigger than before the kids lol

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