I have a baby and a toddler and the constant overstimulation is driving me crazy. I don’t know how to calm my nervous system down when there’s literally no time for myself. The toddler especially is super busy, loud and rambuctious, it’s relentless. The constant noise and restlessness make me sooo overwhelmed, at the end of each day I feel like every cell in my body is wired and I wanna go and scream into a pillow, with nobody touching or talking to me. How do you mamas deal? Especially if you’re highly sensitive. 😮‍💨
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The other day I shouted at my hubby for trying to cuddle me because every touch felt like my skin was burning. I understand it's horrid. The only way I could regulate was to get someone to give me 2 hours to myself for a bath and to watch a bit of TV. I also then had to tell hubby to take a back seat with the cuddles for a day or 2 because I just couldn't have him and the kids all over me

Do you have any help? Sometimes 10 min for yourself is good too. I would avoid all cofeine. (Macha, green, black tea chocolate and cacao). Too much adrenaline. Learn to tell if your kid understands already that mommy loves you but needs a little space (break). Herbal tea 🌿 chamomile tea. Lots of fruits and berries 😋🍒 Breath work, meditation, affirmations ⭐ Avoid fragrance around and toxins. They are irritating your brain. Gluten also was playing a bit with my mood and tolerance. 🧠 And it's so big job always meet your kids needs. I hope someone can help a bit with that. 💕

I got myself some loop earplugs recently (the Switch one), just to take the edge off as my LO loves to squeal 😅

Loop ear plugs or potentially look at getting the toddler into daycare if you could

Loop earplugs might help, I’ve just startes using them and so far so good. I have the Engage Plus 2. Have you tried meditation or breathwork? Just a few minutes while waiting for kettle to boil or something similar can be soothing for the nervous system.

I have a 1 month old, 7 year old, and a 8 year old. 7 year old thinks the world revolves around her so when she don't get attention she do stupid stuff to get herself in trouble then cry about it. I get overstimulated quickly I usually just walk away. I can be in the middle of telling them something to do or feeding my newborn and I will just walk away. Usually somewhere I can hide that I know they won't come and my husband won't send them. I get tired from hearing mommy all day. Plus they all constantly want to be on me and not being shown love aa a child the affection they give be a lot for me.

Scream into that pillow, girl! Or sing really out what you wanna say!

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