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I’m 34 weeks today and baby has been head up at all my check ins and 2 growth scans at 28 and 32 weeks. At what week is it unlikely they will get head down on their own? I don’t ‘think’ they’ve moved since my last app based on movements but wondering if I should be started some of the recommended ‘techniques’ to get baby to flip. It’s my second baby and I didn’t have growth scans with my first so I’m not sure when they went head down etc. I have a midwife appointment today so gonna ask if they can tell but wondering other experiences.
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They say 36 weeks, that’s when I had a presentation scan and it was assumed baby would stay in the position they were in from then on. Not always the case though! My baby was breech at 35 weeks, head down at 36 weeks and turned breech again at 37+5. He didn’t turn and I had a vaginal breech delivery. I’ve heard of babies turning right up until labour though so it’s always possible x

I'm in the same boat at the moment, I'm 36 weeks and baby is head up, found out on my 32 week scan, and he was in the same position at my 35. I feel like he hasn't moved yet. I'm not sure what to try 😩

@Becca my next scan is Thursday for 35 weeks. I was on my feet all weekend and I do feel some different bulges today so I’m really hoping they’ve flipped but not holding out hope. I am hating the unknown. With my previously pregnancy I had sorted everything hospital bag wise and was just waiting for labour signs but this time feels too uncertain whether I need to pack for a standard labour or section etc.

Yeah at my 35 week scan they just said there's still time for him to move so didn't really give me any indication as to whether it'll be a C-section or not, I've got a scan next week so I'm hoping they'll tell me then, fingers crossed they've flipped for you this week🤞 People keep saying they may offer me an ecv soon but I think I may refuse it as it sounds horrible 😫🙈 not sure what to do!

@Becca I’ve heard such mixed reviews. I feel like if it’s successful people find the discomfort worth it, if not, it’s not. I think I will accept if offered. I’m worried if I refuse, whilst I’m recovering from a section I’ll regret not trying everything x

Yeah I feel that, I've just not heard any good stories about it unfortunately, I'll wait and see what happens then make my mind up, if he's transverse breech and sideways then I suppose that wouldn't be so bad! I have a midwife appointment today so I'm hoping she'll be able to tell if he's moved or not but I don't feel like he has 😫 x

Happy to confirm baby has flipped at my 35 wk scan today. It’s happened at some point in the past 7 days 🙌🙌

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