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Dr said I can start my baby on cereal. I got the gerber rice cereal. Is this a good one to try for baby first time with food?? And do I put it in her bottle or try using a spoon for the first time ?? She’ll be 5 months in a few days.
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I started mine with the spoon and he though it was something to play with then about 2 weeks later we did carrot which is what I'm still doing. He loves the carrots he tries to take the spoon from everytime.

Gerber cereal is not a good one

@Maegan k, so what is a good one?

Beech nut

For solids definitely use spoons... I personally don't use Gerber products but it's all parental preference. Beech nut and earth's best are decent.

I did a bit of research and will be using beechnut oat cereal and mix a little bit in my LO milk more and more over time, this is what my doc recommended

DO NOT put it in a bottle

Thanks you guys I tried beech nut mix with little milk and used a spoon she love it

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