Has anybody else started feeling really sick randomly during third trimester? I never did with my first pregnancy but this time around feel awful at certain times each day and have even been sick a few times. I had similar symptoms in first trimester but not this bad and I was never actually sick then.
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Yes I'm being sick 3-4 times a day I'm 36+5 I was told it's because I'm carrying a girl these things can be worse but I also have acid reflux on a constant x

no advice, but absolutely sympathise. these past few weeks have felt like the first trimester with the nausea. i get cramps along with feeling sick and question wether im contracting 🥲

Glad it’s not just me. I had all back labour with my first and have had the feeling again of what the contractions were like last time a bit randomly. I don’t know if I’m having a girl or boy yet so curious to see if that’s related 🙈 Todays the worst I’ve had it

@Anita really recommend calling GP about acid reflux and asking for omeprozol, it changed my entire pregnancy both times

I have been sick every night with the worst heartburn. I have both boys and girls and can't remember sickness this late on ... Only when was in labour in meds for heartburn.

@Rebecca omg how strange!! i also labour in my back with my first. it was absolutely awful, especially since i didnt know back labour was even a thing at first 🤣i had a little girl did with my first and having a girl this time xx

@ellie how funny! I didn’t know until afterwards that it’s not how normal contractions feel 😂 it was bloody painful either way though

Yes! I do feel like it's a second pregnancy thing and also being tired from looking after the one we already have!

Yes! I didn't have this with my son, but I'm definitely getting waves of nausea again. I also get that sick feeling if I get too hungry

@Rebecca I have but because I've had so many complications this time round they seem hesitant to give me anything at all but ive been keeping milk next to me at night and that seems to help thank you for recommending tho xx

I vomited today after not having had for 8 weeks. First time mum and having a girl.

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