Nausea and vomiting

I’m 7 weeks on my first pregnancy and I cannot stop being sick and feeling overwhelming unwell. I’ve had to take the week off work because I physically cannot function. I vomiting every time I eat or drink something and the constant nausea has me gagging on fresh air. I’m about to ring the GP but if I can’t get an appointment, is there anything over the counter I can try to help me? I’m really worried the baby isn’t getting any nutrition from me. I’ve tried ginger biscuits and herbal teas but it hasn’t worked for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciate.
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Are you able to take any supplements? That might ease your mind a bit? The ritual ones were especially good for me as they have mint/orange scent (you can pick) so don’t have that absolutely disgusting, nauseating vitamin smell. I think you’re doing the right thing by contacting the GP though as that doesn’t seem at all sustainable for you ❤️ I’m so sorry you’re having such a tough time with it at the minute 😓 xx

@EJ yes, I’m on a high dose of folic acid and currently take pregnacare too alongside my iron medication for anemia. They can’t see me until next week xx

I had this with my first at 7 weeks, ended up in a&e as I was so bad, I was also worried how it would effect the baby but they assured me it was ok (even though I’d lost loads of weight from not keeping anything down for days!) I tried a few tablets till I tried Cyclizine which was a god send! It worked within a few days and stopped me being sick and meant I could go back to work and feel human again! I can’t remember the exact week I stopped them but definitely came off by my 20 week scan! I would ring the Drs and see if they will prescribe you some without having to be seen! Xx

@Jacelyn Thankyou! I’m going to see if they can give me anything over the phone! This is really helpful xx

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