induction delays QEQM

Anyone had experience with a delayed induction at QEQM before. Ive got a induction on monday due to medical reasons and am incredibly worried about being told there is no room?
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I was booked for a Sunday (also due to medical reasons). When I called at 7 I was told there was no space and to call again at 10. Again there were no beds and so called again at 12. Was asked to call back at 2 where they said I should go in. I arrived around 2.30 and induction started at about 4.

I did.... I was booked to go in on a Sunday, called in the morning to be hold they had no beds and to call back in an hour. My waters had already broke and I was having contractions so when I called back I said I was in too much pain and they got me in. They turn the beds around quickly so you should be fine. Best of luck!! Don't worry about something you can't control... just think you'll be seeing you baby soon. Xx

My induction was delayed a few hours at the qeqm but not days, due to there not being enough staff in the maternity ward, I think the midwife said that there was only 3 of them that night. Honestly I wouldn’t know what to do in your situation but multiple of my friends that have had babies there and been induced just kept turning up at the hospital and overexadurating their symptoms and they were induced shortly after, obviously this could not work because they may genuinely not have any space I guess 🤷‍♀️good luck with your induction hope all goes well x

My water broke a little bit on my due date, this was confirmed in maternity triage. I was told to call them 7am the next morning. Which I did and they told me there wasn't any beds and that they'd call me. Well 10am cme and they called me to ask me if I was still coming 🤦‍♀️. It took me over an hour to get through Westwood cross traffic. They had a lot of emergency c sections that day (they'd only done two on the list - you really do hear everything when bored and wondering about) so a doctor finally signed everything off at 4pm. 6 hours later my waters properly broke. 8 hours later I went on the drip because I didn't dilate, 30 minutes later I had an emergency c section I then ended up in the induction/ monitoring area after my c section for 8 hours as there was no beds. I didn't get my tea and toast after birth either. I didn't eat till lunch came round. I was in and out of consciousness & my husband was making sure I was okay. We could see they were under staffed. The care I got was amazing thougy

I was told to call at 7am and it kept getting pushed back and I didn’t get to go there until 9pm x

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