Normal or not????

We had a suspected intolerance for my little boy . His symptoms was constipation along with pther symptoms (not mucus poo). We reintroduced formula , everything has been fine , he has been on it since around the end of May but his poo seems to be stringy / mucusy? What’s the likelihood of this showing up now do you think ? I’m also thinking maybe his tummy is just abit upset because he’s putting EVERYTHING in his mouth ! No other symptoms as of yet . Reflux is being managed Just to add his symptoms never really went on nutramigen just his poo was better.
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If this is the only symptom I woulsnt suggest stopping the dairy as mucus could be down to a number of things including teething and colds etc

I did think this . He had a cold about two weeks ago maybe related to that but I’m not sure. We are speaking to the GP tomorrow about another thing anyway so I’ll mention it but thought I’d pop it on here for some advice. Thank you x

Yeah definitely speak to gp about it! I can only go off what I've read on here because we aren't allowed to trial milk until her allergy test due to ige symptoms

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