Baby struggling with dairy? Cows milk angst!?

My son seems to get a really bad belly when he has dairy. I've tried cutting it out and reintroducing but then he gets a really bad belly again. I tried doing 1oz of cows milk and he was so unwell! Anyone else? Any advice? I'm now just using toddler oat milk. Anyone else?
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Might have CMPA allergy Have u tried giving formula with some cows milk, like a ratio split? This can help build up the tolerance. What about the milk introduced with cereal, does this impact baby in the same way?

My son is like this but is fine with dairy in food like cheese, blue milk etc but as soon as we swapped to blue milk in a bottle he couldn’t tolerate it. We now use Alpro growing up oat and he’s a lot better

@Colleen I put 1oz in with his formula and he was really unhappy, upset stomach and grizzly. @Laylah we're now just using the Alpro oat too but I'm not sure if I need to keep trying dairy. I do try and then he gets really uncomfortable again. Hopefully it'll build up a tolerance and if not I'll try and speak to the GP

My son is allergic to milk but like mentioned above he is fine with yoghurt, cheese and things that contain milk which apparently is common with CMPA as it’s processed different. I’m lactose intolerant and get really sick with milk so I just drink almond milk and my son has been drinking that since he started weaning so I had no idea he was allergic to milk until I tried giving it as a drink and he broke out in hives! I would just ditch the milk, you can try lacto free ones to see if it’s the lactose in it, but if he is fine with the oat milk, stay with that! (Just watch the sugar content)

@Shay thank you that's really helpful. I'm also lactose intolerant so happy to use oat milk. Do you think the oat no sugar is better than the toddler oat?

Same as others have mentioned! My little girl never even really liked formula and cows milk as a drink gave her a bad belly, even the lacto free version. Yogurt doesn’t go down well either but she’s fine with dairy in other foods. We use the alpro oat growing up milk and she loves it x

@Nia the dietitian told me the best to use was the alpro growing up or barista versions as they have all the necessary bits. The no sugar ones I have found don’t have all the other bits in they need and if you get the normal sugar one it has everything but high in sugar!!

@Nia which one are you using? Really they should have minimal ingredients in them as you don’t need all the extra rubbish. For toddler milk I’d expect it to have water, Oats, a pinch of salt and to be fortified (which it never is). I use Plenish as it literally has 3 ingredients just as it would be if it was home made

Thanks all! I'm using the Alpro Oat growing up milk 😊

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