Can anyone recommend anything to get food stains out of kids clothes? 😆 I have some bibados but my lo still managed to stain around the neck 🙈
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Boiling hot water and then spray with the pink stuff oxi stain remover, then wash as normal xx

It’s not “cheap” but honestly.. it’s magic!! Never in my 3.5 years of washing kids clothes, has this ever failed me. Literally spray it and it just poofs away!!

I pre soak clothes within an hour or two of getting stained. In the sink with hot water & a few scoops of Tesco or Morrisons own stain removing powder for atleast 45 mins. And then wash whenever. I was shocked tbh at how good it was considering its like less than £3 🤣. But it gets eveything out. I’ve also done it hours later after nursery and it still works xx

I use napisan . Soak for about hour then washing machine

Elbow grease spray! Spray it on then pop it on the wash as normal and gone 🙂 xx

I spray a bit of white vinegar on before washing

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