Is this sleep regression?!

My LO is 3 months yesterday and last few nights have been awful. She used to do 3-4 hours between feeds and would normally have nappy change, feed and go straight back to sleep. Last few nights, she has been fighting bedtime (normally 8pm) and is super irritable as exhausted from also not napping properly in the day. 8-11/12am is fine and she wakes up then for a feed. But after that, she has been up every hour, crying in her sleep or waking up crying and uncomfortable. Last night, she was up at 4am like the last few nights but this time, she didn't go back to sleep till after 7:30am. I am sooo exhausted. 😭 I feel like she's too young for sleep regression if it's the 4 month one. We are suspicious she might be teething as she keeps clutching her jaw, drooling and trying to bite on everything. Again, isn't she too young for teething? Any advice would be most welcome. I just feel like I can't continue much longer like this. The only sleep I'm getting is when her dad takes her 5-7am before he has to leave for work.
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While it is possible it’s teething - there’s a developmental thing at 3 months when they start to drool and mouth everything. In terms of sleep, it sounds like she’s not tired - perhaps too much daytime sleep? Has she sorted out her night and day? Could also be separation - she’s becoming more aware that she’s sleeping alone. The night also gets colder around 4am so could be that!

Mine doesnt go to sleep until 10 even if i try to put him down at 8 he’ll stay up and not settle until 10 so I’ve stopped fighting it we take him out at 8 or 9 if he’s still awake bath bottle bed he sleeps well in the first half of the night thats their deepest sleep sometimes even 4-5 hours although that’s been rare lately since he turned 10 weeks old but second half of the night is always a lot busier and he will wake up even every 1 to 2 hours at worst i tried not feeding to sleep and shushing and comforting in the crib also contact naps work sometimes but its different every day and for every baby for example mine does not settle laying on my shoulder he always has to be sitting over the should for whatever reason,i let him sleep there if all else fails and hes sleep deprived sometimes and wake up with horrible aches and pains in my back its very very hard i feel for you but dont worry its a phase and it will get better perhaps he’s sleep regressing already

@Kathleen she isn't much of a napper. Does 3-4 30-45min naps and even they are a struggle to keep her asleep, doesn't matter if contact or in bassinet. She was doing well with night sleep until atleast 4/5am but no idea what's happening now

Mine did the same thing. And I believe it was a combination of the four month sleep regression, which can be early. And the beginning of teething. So it’s too soon for the teeth to be coming through typically. But they do start feeling and noticing it a little bit more, will start drooling and chewing around that age. When I took her to the pediatrician for something else, they said it was one of the biggest complaint they get around this age. Try either freezing some breastmilk or formula and giving them to her in a pacifier or mesh bag. And if you’re comfortable with it a little bit of Tylenol. I found that a quarter dose worked perfectly. Any questions on dosage can be addressed through a call to your pediatrician. The night sleep will get better. It’s the sleep pattern changing. Try white/brown noise and make sure it is dark. Good luck mama!

@Priscilla thank you. I will try the frozen pacifier thing. She has a teething ring that can be made cold which she likes but she can't hold it yet as it's a bit big.

You’re welcome! You can also dry dipping a cloth into the milk and freezing it, for easy holding and more gentle

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