Ladies, the standing and trying to walk stage is stressful!!

I feel like every day my boy either smacks his head or falls down and my heart rate must be through the roof!! My house is tiny, I have baby proofed as best I can and still. Whew! Hoping all you others are surviving!
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I thought I was the only one .you are not alone mum. My heart rate is going crazy. I’m always following her around with a pillow for soft landing .she wants to stand on everything in the house . I was told it’s normal but believe me I don’t care I’m still following her around and making sure she doesn’t smack her head it’s scary 😟

How long has he been pulling up? My baby has been for a while and a lot less falling now! Basically only if he's at the v end of wake window and even then hardly ever . There was a week I could not let go of him I couldn't do anything it was awful because he was pulling up on new bits of furniture and didn't know how to judge it. I got nothing done

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