Short naps!

Anyone else babies having super short naps 😅 I’m lucky if I get 45 mins (unless I was to hold her for the entire nap). Overall she is actually a good sleeper but I’ve found her daytime naps are getting so short and she refuses to sleep. I downloaded the huckleberry app to log everything and they have given me a free trial for the plus membership which shows you a sleep schedule. It’s literally like awake for an hour and fifteen and then asleep for an hour and fifteen.. my girly definitely doesn’t do that 😂 I had thought to see if she’ll take a few daytime naps in her cot but I feel abit weird doing that seeing as she’s only 9 weeks old! Any tips for daytime naps and how to get them down for them would be much appreciated 😅
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Sorry no advice but following as my bubba girl is the same and I need the tips too 🙈 xx

@Sophie it’s so hard to get anything done! 🙈😂 xx

My little girl is the exact same and she’s 9 weeks tomorrow she’s always looking around or listening to me if I sit there talking or playing with her but don’t know how to keep her busy when she’s awake so long my little girl ends up overtired by the afternoon/late evening and screams until she tires herself out and I hate it as it’s heartbreaking for me to listen to and try calm her down

@Jade it’s so awful isn’t it I hate seeing her upset and when she gets overtired she’s so sad 😭

@Charlee literally makes me feel awful 🥺💔x

@Charlee I know! As soon as I put her in the sling, she settles and goes to sleep xx

Little man is the same way! If I hold him on my chest he will sleep for a good 1 1/2- 2 hours and he is in a great mood but if I try to put him down I get 20-30 minutes which he will be super fussy from afterwards.

@Casie I reckon for my little one it’s being so stimulated as she takes so much in now being 9 weeks old! Vs a few weeks old she’d sleep for hours and I’d be waking her up 😂x

Girl same. My 9 week old only takes max 1 hr naps but typically 30-40min ones all day and fights sleep all day long too. She’s been sleeping somewhat better at night now but it’s still a bit frustrating. I definitely feel like I have a hard time doing anything during the day and not to mention as you said it’s hard to keep her entertained during the day when she’s awake most of it. Sometimes she gets fussy for no reason and I think it’s because she’s bored or something . Maybe I’m crazy lol

Pram or contact naps was the only way for us.

My little girl is 9 weeks old and longest she's slept in one go during the day is an hour.

Try baby wearing using a wrap or carrier, my baby is up during the day but when I wrap her, I am able to free up my hands and get things done, while she naps, my baby gets fussy when she's tired and she loves contact naps so using the carrier helps me so much oh and going for walks..

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