Sirona - Health Visit

I had the letter towards the end of last month to contact to book in a home visit - I’ve left 4 voicemails over the last 3-4 weeks with no reply back! Has anyone had or going through the same struggling to get something booked in with them?! Any tips on getting hold of them? TIA! Pic so post doesn’t get lost x
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Have you tried going to your baby hub in your area? They usually have all the contacts that you need there or they will have someone who can help.

@Laura annoyingly, they only have the drop ins for the area I need on a Wednesday which is an office day for me!

Urgh, what a nightmare. I wonder if there is something in the red book, if not I could give you the number for my health visitor and you could speak to them? Maybe they have an alternative number or email at least?

The number has changed - is this the number you’ve got now? 0300 125 5200

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