Please share your POSITIVE newborn/baby/parenting experiences!

Hi all, I’m hoping you will share your positive experiences and ‘just wait until’s in the comments😊 My husband uses Reddit a lot and is constantly seeing negative posts in the parenting subreddit about parents regretting kids, saying their lives are ruined, the ‘just wait until…’ comments that are so truly negative. It really angers me because people tend to jump to the negatives first when talking about newborn and baby experiences. I know there will be hardships but I want to hear the lovely things too! I want to hear all your ‘just wait until’s or positive experiences of love and happiness that we have to look forward to! Please share below and I’ll be grateful!❤️
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Their smile when you wake up in the morning. This is my favourite part of the day. Their daily smiles, giggles, coos, their random chattering, squeals when excited, first roll, first smile, first "talk', when they hold your finger , her tiny little fingers and toes, her chunky rolls , her little sneezes oh the list is endless ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I could talk about everything I love about her constantly even after she has cried hysterically because I couldn't get a boob out quick enough for her hahaa

My girl is only a month and a day old so I don’t have many… The smiles when their asleep Smiles in general Cute little fingers and toe beans 🥹 Their yawns are the cutest thing ever in my mind Babbling Grabbing your finger When they just stare at you in admiration 🤍 I can’t wait for more firsts honestly but it’s the best feeling knowing this tiny human looks up to you for everything 🤍✨

I couldn’t imagine anything negative about having a baby & thinking it ruined my life. My little boy has GIVEN me life. Just wait until you’ve swaddled your little one to sleep at night & they start to stir because they’re hungry, the first thing they see is your face as you undo their swaddle & they smile. It honestly is the most rewarding unpaid job I’ve ever done. Just wait until you start to talk to them & they just flash you a gummy smile or start to giggle because whatever you’ve said that isn’t even remotely funny, just tickles them in a way that makes them laugh. It’s the most priceless thing ever 🩵

I was that person who kept saying, "I don't like kids, I'm not gonna have children, and I'm ok with it." But I am now a mum of beautiful 7 weeks old boy, and my life has never been better than it is now. It's the small things like him staring at you, squeezing your finger with his tiny hand, sleeping in your arms. A baby cannot survive by himself/herself, and all they have is you. When I realised this, I was all in. Yes there are hardships and you do cry at times but there are more happy times and im loving every single second with him.

I was like Koko, I didn’t think I would have kids but I’m only a week in and it’s the best decision I ever made. Somehow you love them more and more each day. I laugh at all the things that I thought would stress me out like when she gets mad when she’s hungry or if she’s pooping while I’m still changing her diaper. You’re just so in love and amused by everything they do. It’s great.

The cosy cuddles when they nap, the wee noise they make when drinking there milk, them becoming more and more of a person each day with their personality coming through. A wee pal for wandering round the shops and chstting too. my baby girl is 9 months and although she wasnt planned and it is hard she was meant to be here. your life will change but it just happens if you choose to make it positive it can be the best

Here’s something you don’t hear too much but I’m happy to share to prove that it’s possible!! I’ve had my son for 8 days and I have a supportive husband who last night told me to go to bed at 830 bc he noticed I was beyond exhausted, the adrenaline wore off!! I slept the whole night until 730am. Woke up and grabbed a coffee with my best friend and currently getting a pedicure. My son is formula fed (kendamil organic) and we love being equally responsible for his feedings, changing and cleaning. My husband said he loved doing everything on his own because it’s good to learn for himself and get to bond with our boy. I will be returning the favor this upcoming week when he goes to play hockey with his friends!

Thank you for all of these positive posts. I’m over here crying! Due July 21st FTM and I’m trying my best not to listen to all the negative stories. Really needed to read these today 🫶🏾

@Nina you’ll probably never feel more as empowered than becoming a mother 🥹✨🤍

Honestly that first social smile is soooo rewarding and you really don’t have to change your life, I had my little one in April and have dragged her all over the UK on little weekend holidays and she now sleeps through anything! It’s definitely a longer packing list with all of the baby bits but so worth it and they really do just adapt! We laugh our heads off at her HUGE farts and the silly faces she makes and explosive poops in the most inconvenient places, if anything she’s added to our lives and our relationship and the experiences we have - and I really really wasn’t maternal before I had her but now literally would have 10 hahaha. We got told so many ‘just wait until’ stories and honestly let them go over your head, people seem to like wearing the newborn stage like a badge of honor .. it’s really not that bad and they sleep for twenty hours of the day!!!! Wake up, eat, poop and repeat, it was almost an anticlimax when she arrived because we were so scared! ❤️❤️

I don’t understand parents that talk negatively about their child much less regretting them. My baby has given me purpose and so much joy. I’ll give you positive “just waits” Just wait until they have their first gummy smile Just wait until you hold them in your arms for the first time Just wait until you hear them say mama Just wait until they take their first steps towards you You will be filled with so much love it will spill out of you ♥️♥️

Thank you everyone for the comments! I showed my husband last night 😊 hoping it helps him see an exciting positive perspective and feel a bit less worried!😊

Just wait until… you kiss that baby 💋 a thousand times a day…all the kisses it’s so wonderful. lol and now my daughter is so grown and I look back it does go fast!! Enjoy and embrace it! Just wait until…they call you momma or dadda for the first time and your heart will explode ❤️❤️

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