Hello mummies,

How do you manage to get on top of everything (work, chores, children…)? Any tips on how to get more organised?
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Hey! Really difficult task! I try to do things when the baby is napping/in bed, me and husband share chores or when my husband is home, like at weekends. There's days when it just doesn't get done, and I've accepted that's okay xx

I’m still winging it at 6.5 months postpartum😅 The only way I can get the small job done is by putting my 6 month old on a blanket on the floor surrounded by toys and Bluey on in the background. This allows me to get the washing on and a tidy in the living room and kitchen as I can still her from the kitchen. Anything more than that and I wait for my partner or take her to grandmas x

I chip away at quick and easy things while she is napping. The bigger stuff I leave for the weekend when my husband can keep an eye on her - thinks like cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming upstairs, deep cleaning the kitchen, etc.

Hey mama, I only currently have 1 kid and I work from home but here is a summary of what I do: -Work Mon-Fri from home -Lo is at nursery once a week on a Wednesday -I finish work slightly early on a Wednesday so I can clean and I do her laundry as soon as she gets back from nursery -I do a deeper clean every other week (hoover, mop, clean toilets, microwave, kettle, tv unit etc) I do this every week but deeper clean twice a month. - I would typically do my laundry on a Friday night and Saturday night and then fold once dried (sometimes my husband will do this instead) - I cook about 60% of the time and my husband 40% of the time so typically the days he works from home he cooks and some weekends and I do 100% of the cooking for our daughter. Because I am home with our child Mon-Fri, he would usually do more stuff with her weekend like (baths, changes)

I can only get anything done with baby in a sling! With my first I would bring him room to room on his play matt or once he could sit in would pop him in a washing basket with balls in it (like the ones you’d put in a ball pit) and that kept him happy. But agree what others are saying, sometimes it just doesn’t get done and changing my mindset helped!

I would say come up with a routine that works for everyone and stick to it ( you can write it down and paste it on the kitchen wall or cabinet) Is your work flexible? With kids, it’s hard but I believe every workplace should have flexibility ( this could be the hours you work e.g I prefer 8:30-4:30, it allows me to do showers in the morning and breakfast and I can get dinner started before my husband gets back as he is typically very hungry by the time he is home.

I baby wear to get stuff done!

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