Has anyone experienced really bad toothache? I’ve been to the dentist and they said everything looks normal and it can just be down to my pregnancy but the pain is excruciating it’s just on one side but I literally can’t open my mouth
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I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and have a horrible pain in the bottom left of my mouth. I’ve been trying to get registered with a practice for ages but nobody is taking on NHS patients so I’ve had to get an emergency appointment today. The clinic said they would see me as a one off referral but can’t register me as a full time patient. Hopefully they can find out what’s wrong xx

Could it be sinus/congestion? Sounds crazy but any congestion in your head causes the worst toothache cause your facial and oral nerves are close. I had a sinus infection last week and I swear to go I wanted to pulll my teeth out they were so painful

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