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I am at the end of my tether 😭 my partner went away for a week and during that time my LB (15 months) started co sleeping with me. (Please don’t judge I have no support just my partner and I and I needed some sleep). When I put my LB to bed in his cot at night he wakes up no more than an hour later SCREAMING. If I manage to get him back to sleep and back in his cot he will go no more than an hour again before waking up SCREAMING again. He is cutting molars and a little poorly at the moment but why is this happening? I am not sure if he has really bad attachment issues or what the situation is. Please can someone help? Has anyone been through this before? What did you do? TIA xx
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My daughter the exact same !!

Just comfort and loving babe try calop and teething toys x

Whilst he is sick and teething this is normal girl don’t worry. My little boy co sleeps most of the time. And he was recently unwell. And anytime I left him or he woke up in his bed realising I wasn’t there he would wake up screaming and crying. To the point where I ended up spending a few nights staying in bed most of the evening just to get him to sleep.

If you need any help or advice just pop me a message! Xx

If he is sick don't worry too much but personally would try knock it on the head once he is better else this will soon become a bigger habit. We always let our daughter in our bed when she was sick so we could keep an eye on her. If we did it our daughter would then be like "can I sleep in big bed" once she was better. We would just say no and be consistent. She is 3.5 yo and even last night she shouted out at 11:30 because she had had a bad dream and asked to come in the big bed. I just gave her a cuddle and said let's put Elsa on your Tony Box, go and give Daddy a cuddle too and then come back to bed and I'll tuck you in with favorite cuddly toys. She did exactly that and went to bed no issues. No more mention of sleeping in the "big bed'

Are you giving him anything for the teething pain? Maybe try Calpol or Bonjela and see if that helps him to settle at night.

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