Does anyone know if I can wear the baby carrier with baby in it AND take a stroller and hand luggage etc through the airport? Or would the carrier have to be packed?

I need to obviously take the stroller (away for 2 weeks). But my baby loves the carrier so want to be able to have him in that if he’s fussy in the airport or on the plane. Can I be wearing the baby carrier whilst having the stroller and hand luggage? (UK question as I know different countries different rules in airports)
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Yes, we did this last month. So much easier baby being in the carrier too! You can take your pram to the gate and they will put tags on to come out the other side. Have a great holiday!

Yeah we do with our youngest. We put him in the baby carrier and take the pram with us to the plane steps c

Yep. My niece needed a nap at the airport so they put her in the baby carrier so didn’t have the faff of getting her out when leaving the pram at the gate. You just may need extra security checks. On Jet2 they also advised baby to face forward but as she was strapped into the carrier facing Mum, they allowed it.

We had the bay carrier and stroller with us and hand luggage.

Amazing thank you everyone! I’ll definitely wear it then and not pack it!! 🫶🏼

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