Hey everyone! What are you using to track feeds / dirty nappies etc.? An app or notes on your phone? Our son is only 3 days old, but I’m already losing track and want to get into the habit
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I asked a similar question the other day and a lot of people recommended the Huckleberry app. I’m going to give it a go xx

My best friend had a baby last year and swears by Huckleberry so that’s what I’ll be going with when he’s here. Congratulations mama!! Xx

I swore by the huckleberry app when I had my little girl 5 years ago but I became very obsessive with tracking everything! In the end only tracked her sleep. This time round I think I might do it manually, as it triggered my ocd and anxiety! Good Luck x

I'm using the Huckleberry app, you don't need the subscription to track everything either

Tried an app. Was tired and forgot to fill it in most days. Gave up. Just went with the flow of the baby. I also found the wonder weeks app made me anxious about my baby’s milestones etc so deleted it. Definitely go for it if you want to but it’s not the be all and end all if you forget or decide you don’t want to use it.

Baby tracker on our phones & my partners Apple Watch 🥰

Mainly for tracking feeds and nappies, he didn’t wee much the first couple of days so we wanted to check in with what was coming out.

I write it down in a notebook. You could also print something like this

I am using Huckleberry and absolutely love it!

Thanks everyone, it’s hard to know what to do as I’m shocking at remembering to update an app, I think good old fashioned pen paper might work though! It’s more because my brain is working overtime and I hate not remembering how long he’s been asleep for / if I should wake him to feed ☺️

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