Nap still all over the place

Anyone else still have such inconsistent naps at 10 months? Just feel like we go backwards all the time and I’m so stressed about it! Some days she’ll nap, others she refuses. Some days she will do longs naps and other super short naps. How the hell are you meant to get into a routine with this. I’m finding this age so so difficult. At 8 months we were in such a good routine where naps were predictable and from 9 months up it’s all just gone out the window. Bedtime is now chaos as well. Has anyone else found this or is it just me? Feel like I’m doing something wrong 😢
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I'm not having trouble with naps but eating and also feel like I'm doing something wrong 😔 it's tough but I think we should try not to compare our babies to others

10 months and the only certainty is that he won’t have 3 naps. It’s can be one, two or barely any. It stresses me also 😩

We're very much the same! You're not doing anything wrong. Their needs and preferences are changing all the time as they are going through so much development at the moment. There's a big sleep regression at 8-10 months as well so that could be impacting naps for you.

I’m in the exact same boat as you too Incog! x

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