My baby has been going to nursery now 2 days a week 8:30am-1pm and she just isn’t settling there at all even the nursery manager spoke to me this morning I don’t know what to do I feel awful has anybody got any advise please?
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How long has she been going? My friends a hv and said it can take some babys longer to settle- she’s not there a long period of time and 2 days a week isn’t much so can take them longer to adapt to it rather than babys doing full days and going all week as they’ll get used to the routine more x

@Josie a month and a half x

My baby does the same time at nursery two days a week. She started in May and I would say is just starting to become more settled. I don’t know your situation with work or finances but for a month on the days that were her non nursery day our nursery manager asked us to drop her off for an hour or two so she would become more familiar with the staff. This definitely helped and we only did it for a few weeks. She’s now only doing two half days and she’s so much more settled.

My baby was the same I slowly increased her time it would be one hour Tik she started settling down then two ect over two months she now will stay happily 10-3 and is there 10-5 tomorrow 🙏I let her take a toy in with her she chose woody who she carries everywhere as a comfort x

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