My LO has not proper belly laughed yet

Unless he is tickled, he hasn't really had a proper belly laugh... Like you know those videos you see, where the baby is finding something extremely funny and is proper laughing hard.... My boy hasn't. I wondering if something is wrong. He is generally happy and smiles big and giggles, but just hasn't had that good proper belly laugh
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Mine has done it a little bit, twice (for Daddy) and never again no matter what I try 😭 It will come ❤️

I wouldn't worry... my oldest was like that and I was so concerned but she's 3 now and absolutely fine xx

Babies won't laugh unless they find something truly funny My little girl likes when I pretend to throw a ballpit ball at her and make a blah noise ay the same time Its just finding wjay they like but ay the right time too, tired hungry hurting etc she won't laugh but she doesn't laugh as much as my son did he was always giggling away

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