LO is pooing less frequently (due to being on solids). We're on day 4 of no poop and he's just had what I can only describe as an adult poo consistency. It was relatively small too- like a slightly soft slug 😅 I've been trying to get him to have prune puree/ apples, but I think his tummy being so uncomfortable had put him off food the last few days. I'm also rubbing his tummy and giving him water He is staining while trying to poo/fart, but he's not crying. Should I worry and contact gp / health visitor or is this normal?
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I had the exact same thing at the end of last week/beginning of this. I was told by the doctor it's not uncommon when they eat solids as the digestion is still developing but to stick to the P's so prune, pear, peaches etc and avoid bananas and sweet potato as they can clog them up more. Offer more water and that normally helps. I gave him a lot of fruit purees for 48 hours and that seemed to do the trick. Hopefully your little one feels better soon and maybe contact GP as they can potentially prescribe something to help if he's in pain

@Lauren Ahh that's good to know. Thank you for the tips - I'll give all that a go and hopefully the fruit clears him out

I read on here that sudocrem right on the bumhole helps, tried it and it worked. Dunno why but it did. Worth a try. Also offer water more frequently. Peas, prunes and pears can help too

Vaseline on the bum hole too, apply a massive bit with pressure so it goes inside a bit and it helps when they need to go to make it easier… Being a parent is fun… 🤣

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