Cough, asthma relating to dairy allergy

My 10 month old has had an ongoing cough since mid April. Speaking to the HV today, they mentioned it could be asthma as dairy allergies often go hand in hand with asthma especially with his ongoing cough. Although it will be difficult to get him diagnosed so young but I wondered if anyone else had similar?
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Yep my lil one always has a cough. She has actually been fine the last month. She does go nursery too so with that and her allergies and asthma runs in the family she always has some form of cough. We use Asda vapour bubble bath that helps especially at night

My 21 month old had an overnight (and on naps during the day) cough from 2am onwards from 5 months old. We had every suggestion under the sun including asthma but was told it was silent reflux and would go away by the time he was 2. Advised it could be asthma but wouldn’t diagnose till 2+ (and the inhaler didn’t do anything). At 16 months old I cut dairy out of his diet as his overnight cough had progressively worsened from 12 months and he was now coughing himself awake from 10pm.. Within 2 days of no dairy the cough disappeared.. within 2 weeks all the other symptoms he had also disappeared! Have you tried removing dairy already? X

@Jess thanks for your message, so far he’s been dairy free since the end of May but still got this cough that we just can’t shift. He sleeps with his mattress propped and piriton before bed which has helped so not sure if it’s allergies/hayfever but he will still cough and have found fruit at dinner really irritate the cough and he usually ends up being sick

Gluten? 🤔

Also probably you know but look out for toxins around the house. Perfumes, smoke, scanted candles, air fresheners, detergents, softener, cleaning supplies, all new gadgets, new clothes.

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