Baby off solids

For about 5 or 6 days baby has gone off solids, will either completely refuse or have a bite and spit it out, or at most a few spoons. I've tried lots of different things, including purees. He's even refusing fruit today which he normally can't get enough of. He's having lots of milk though. He does have a bad cold and keeps biting his fingers so possibly has his molars coming through although I can't see them. Has anyone else experienced this?? Im worried it's going on for so long x
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My baby keeps doing the same. Most of the food now ends up on the floor. He’s had a lot of 💩 nappies last few days. I’ve put it down to teething 🤷‍♀️

I wouldn’t worry unless he’s not having milk, keep offering different foods with no pressure, keep mealtime fun. My little girl really likes cucumber and corn on the cob when she’s teething, nice and firm and cold for their gums.

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