How’s everyone else got on with dentist appointments? My LG hates new people and she just cried the whole time we were there, dentist didn’t even get chance to see her teeth 😞
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Cry cry cry! She’s the same at the drs, literally petrified

Weve been twice now and hes been fine both times but weve just stayed standing with me holiding him and then she just poked about make sure everything felt right. But my son is the same wont let anyone but me or his dad touch him.

If we ever find an NHS dentist near us, I’ll let you know 🙈

@Stephanie Oh nooo! Hopefully you find one! 😫 I had to ring around loads, this one wasn’t showing online that it was taking patients but when I phoned, they said under 10s only xx

If you also get yourself an appointment for a checkup and have the dentist have a look at your teeth first then they can see how it’s fine to let the dentist take me look and nothing to be scared about. My first was very good, didn’t cry at all, I have yet to book one for my son, but will one soon when he turned 18 months old

@Nattinan unfortunately she’s at a different dentist to me as it’s the only one I could get her in 😞xx

Oh that’s interesting! I keep looking in the website and literally everytime I see one taking kids, I ring up and they deny all knowledge of ever reopening it on the nhs website. I might ring round next week and see if any secretly are taking on any! x

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