To those who have split up from their partner before the birth of their child., when did you have them round to visit? I have had my BD round when baby was a few days old, he’s now three weeks and I haven’t invited him round again. Am I a bad person? He’s demanding he comes and sees him and is threatening me with legal action. I just wanted to take some me time before having him round again
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As long as there isn't a reason he should be around lile dv. Then I'd let him. I'd love if my baby daddy wanted to come see his son. I get you want some you time and he doesn't have to be there all day every day. Just set boundaries you can both live with. Congrats on your lil bundle of joy. Good luck muma.

My opinion- if he is not a threat to you or the baby/ no history of dv ect… I feel he should be aloud to see his child and bond with him

If you don’t want him in your home maybe think about meeting up for a coffee/walk and discuss how you guys are planning on co-parenting/ where is best to have visits ect

@Courtney thanks for your comment! He has never laid a finger on me but he has said some very questionable things in the past, such as saying he wants to hit me and wanting to trip me up. He has definitely had a psychological effect on me.

Ultimately it’s your choice if you want to welcome him into your home or not, no one can force you to let him, i also wouldn’t stress about him threatening legal action as him gaining 100% parental rights are pretty much 0% as they don’t take babies from their mothers unless there’s concern for the safety of the child whilst in the mothers care. If you are in the UK, you should get in touch with citizens advice as they will be able to give you legal advice on this sort of thing

I have been in your situation, and my baby is almost 10 months old. The situation was quite similar. He said some really bad things to me, and he threatened me with taking legal action while he was in my home, when my daughter was 8 days old. I have asked him to leave, and he refused until I said i would call the police. He left, but the next day, he called the Midwifes Community and and he told them that he is afraid for his daughter's safety as I am not in my right mind. Luckily, my midwife knew the whole history between me and him as I had already told her. So, she said that actually I am not his partner and she can't give him any information about my health. She told me to call the police and report the incident, which I have done. And that was all. Since then, I have not let him come into my house. He can visit his daughter but only in public spaces with cameras. Until now, he still hasn't taken any legal action. And, by the way, I haven't put him on her birth certificate either.

If he’s going on the birth certificate as his dad then you can’t stop him from seeing the baby. You will both have equal parenting rights. Tbh though I think if he wants to see the baby you should let him. There are quite a few people out there that don’t get any support at all from exs or dads. I understand he may have said some stuff to you but if he’s not a threat to the baby, he needs to be able to bond with the little on. It’s tricky and we are all different. I’m coming from a place where I’ve been in a worse situation with my babies dad and I think contact is importsnr. If you don’t want him in your place then meet publicly where you feel safer.

I would agree with the other comments. Meet in a public place whenever its convenient for you and deal with the rest later on but he could take you to court for visits so it’s just better to stay on his good side for the time being.

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