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I’m really struggling for ideas to keep LO entertained. I feel like I’m constantly having to be with him or he cries for my attention. He’s at the stage where he wants to grab everything (and put in his mouth) but he gets bored lying down playing with the same things over and over while I’m trying to do anything around the house and he can’t sit unsupported yet so I’m sat for hours just holding him up and handing him things he can’t reach yet. He’s getting frustrated and I think a bit bored… and so am I 🥲 I take him out for walks on days we don’t really have much else to do, but he naps for 10-15mins max at a time so there’s no downtime for me either. I go to the odd play group, but only when I know someone else going because otherwise I feel like the adults don’t really interact when you have a baby baby because all of your attention is on them. It’s not like they can run off and play yet. Some days out “activity” is a trip to Tesco haha. I just can’t wait for when he’s a little older maybe and we can do trips to the farm ect… just feel in limbo. HELPPP need some new ideas… or am I just being silly and this is life 💁🏼‍♀️
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No advice reallly, but I’m completely in the same boat ! It’s tricky, and with the 30 min naps max, it can be rather draining, so I feel you ! I just try and have something planned each day! Also can’t wait till he gets more mobile!! X

Just wondering how old your LO is? I take mine to an animal sanctuary and although he's too young to pet the animals just being out the house, seeing the animals, hearing all the noises is a big sensory experience for him and he seems to enjoy it! Then don't necessarily need to be interacting with things to enjoy them! I know some people take their LO's to pet shops to look at the fishes too! Shame you don't feel they talk much at baby groups- I've found them a godsend personally!! Are you going to groups that are specifically for the age your LO is? I found it easier to talk to other mums when LO's are similar ages. It does get really frustrating sometimes, I've been selling stuff on vinted just for an excuse to leave the house 😂 also have you got a jumperoo? My LO gets super fussy on the floor but i swear he'd spend all day in his jumperoo if I let him 😂

Stick him in his highchair with the spinner toys, or in front of the washing machine while its running. Usually buys me 15 mins. I also contact nap as least once per day so she gets a decent nap and I can catch up on love island!

I could have written this 😂 I really recommend going swimming at your local leisure centre! It's cheap and kills a good hour or so. Also check out your local library if you haven't already, we go to nursery rhyme sessions which are free, she loves the singing and the other babies. Sitting will be an absolute game changer

😂😂 thanks everyone… he’s just turned 6 months. Maybe I will try the farms then. I just assumed he’d just enjoy the bumpy ride in the pram and fall asleep 🤣 We start swimming lessons on Saturday! So once I get a little more comfortable taking him on my own then we will go more and more 🥰 I’m sure I’ll look back on these days when he’s on the move and think how much easier it was haha. Not wishing time away at all. Just want him to be happy and entertained.

In the same boat. I was thinking about getting a baby pool out and setting it up in the garden to try something new but weather is so unpredictable right now.

I’m thinking of getting a live in nanny 😂😂😂😂

You can get one of these, my LG loves this

I was feeling the same but my girl has learnt to sit in the last two days and can for around ten minutes independently and it is has helped massively, feel like she can access some many more of her toys We also do lots of free sessions locally which she enjoys

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