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Hi so just found out at around 10pm that my baby boy’s temperature was 100.5. I gave him Infant Tylenol, I didn’t know if I should’ve or not. His temp went down some 99.8 but checked again when he woke up. It went back up to 100.4 ( right now it’s 2:40am, i checked at the beginning of 2am) I don’t know exactly what I asking, but I’m at a loss trying to figure out what to do exactly. My LO is 4 months old. Update: Went to the ER with baby boy and got prescribed tylenol (children’s). he got diagnosed with Covid 😣 Pretty much just have to monitor him, give him medicine every 4-6hrs and quarantine.
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You should take him to hospital . 100 temp is high for babies

100.4 is hospital level

Especially if Tylenol didn’t keep his temp down very long

If ur worried about hospital prices (US obviously) call any pediatrician that could take you today

@Megan checked his temperature right now, it’s 99.8. Should I still take him still to make sure nothing else is wrong?

Has he had any Tylenol in the past 4 hours?

@Megan yes, I gave him tylenol around 3

Okay I’d recommend waiting till it’s worn off. Is he sick does he have any other symptoms? Also if you wanna pm me to talk you can

@Megan i pmed you

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