End of breastfeeding guilt😢

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my son for nearly 20 months now and I’m ready for our bf’ing journey to end due to my health, I have to take a medication and can’t breastfeed while on it. I’ve absolutely loved breastfeeding and my son is a real boobie monster 😂 I’ve been trying to cut down our feeds to just 1 in the morning and hopefully in the next week stop altogether. I’ve been putting mustard on my nips and it seems to be working, but I just feel so so guilty 😢 I know he only really breastfeeds for comfort now rather than to drink so it’s making it really emotional for me 🥺 How do you cope with the guilt of ending your breastfeeding journey?😢
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Oh it is such a mix of emotions, I’m sure I read the hormonal change from actually stopping breastfeeding has an actual impact too and it’s all not all in our heads! It took me a couple of weeks and I felt back to normal but it does come. You are still his comfort, boobie or not and you have done amazing to breastfeed so long ❤️

Hi, I wanted to comment earlier but didn’t have a chance. My last feed was last week - I’ve cried several times over the past few weeks as I’ve been dropping feeds slowly. 100% hormones will drop, I felt very tearful and almost depressed. No advice just solidarity, I do think it’s harder on us than them though xx

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