C-section after care

So found out I’m having to have a c-section next week. Can anyone give me and must haves for after the op. Do I need disposable pants? Or those gel patches?
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I had an emergency one almost 2 weeks ago, and have been living in the fridamom disposable pants. I honestly haven't needed anything else, other than making sure I had a few packs of Paracetamol and ibuprofen in. Just make sure you have either high wasted knickers, or the disposable ones, and make sure any clothes you wear come above the scar and are loose. Best of luck 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

@Paige how have you been since yours? Thank you I have seen the disposable knickers il get some of these! Are you up and about? I know everyone is different but I don’t think I can handle being out of action for too long 😅 and thank you 🥰

I haven't been too bad tbh! Main thing is stay on top of your pain killers, make sure even if you feel alright, to say yes to them when in hospital, it makes all the difference. Then at home make sure you move around bc its the only way you'll be able to pass gas and when it's trapped, omg it is so painful, and go for a wee soon as too bc holding a wee is a killer. I'm on day 11 now and I've been out and about fir at least 40 mins the past few days, just start off slow and don't push yourself. Oh and make sure you have someone to help you get up from laying down/being seated the 1st sort of 2 days bc I found that so difficult 😭😂 you'll do fine though, recovery has been a lot easier than I expected despite breastfeeding too. Just take it slow and be patient and kind with yourself

I'm 3 weeks post c section and I am doing okay. My advice is to take it easy, get a stock of pain killers in and alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen every 4 hours. I was also discharged with 3 days worth of strong pain killers but they completely knocked me out 😴 so I didn't take very many of them, but never refuse pain relief was the best advice someone gave me! I just used normal maternity pads and high waisted knickers (bought some new ones in a bigger size to go over scar). Get up and have a shower as soon as you're able to and press your buzzer in hospital whenever you need ANY help....getting your baby, settling your baby, changing a nappy! Take it easy and put your feet up to help reduce the swelling but also do short walks to keep active and build up your strength. First couple of days at home were tough getting out of bed so make sure you be gentle and promise you'll be okay in no time Best of luck ❣️

Pants, painkillers as above I had painkillers in my calendar+my husband to remjnd me, not to forget to take it The operation and painkillers will make you constipated so prepare for that with laxatives and high fiber diet Move but not too much and your bleeding is a good guide for that Once you have healed a bit start on scar mobility and it will be better in the long run It took me a good 12 weeks to recover so give yourself time!

Disposable pants, maternity pads and a place to sleep that doesn’t require you to sleep flat. I couldn’t sleep flat for about 2 weeks so I put a single mattress on the bed to create a gradual slope to the headboard. I also had a step to help me get on and off the bed!

Get yourself one of those litter picker sticks because bending down is a big no no for 6 weeks and you will drop ALOT of stuff on the floor 😂

C-sectionuk on Instagram is a great resource. There's courses but just the posts are very helpful. In terms of the section itself, as it's planned you'll be able to decide if you want music and also talk your other birth preferences through like cord cutting.

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