Baby Girl made her dramatic arrival 🫶🏼

We were admitted to the hospital at 2 am on Monday 7/8 for induction. Did 1 round of cytotec 100 mg which kicked in contractions full swing! I slowly dilated from 1 cm to about 4 cm. Received my epidural around then which had to be replaced.. there was no blood in the catheter but when she injected the test dose with epi in it, my heart started racing and my blood pressure dropped drastically. Alas, my pain was well-controlled, catheter was replaced and I continued to dilate. Oh… did I mention that my water broke that morning while I was dilating to 4 cm… and the fluid was meconium stained?! Yeah. So I continue to dilate, only reaching about 8 cm by 7 pm when I developed a fever of 100.4 as well as sustained tachycardia. I didn’t respond to the IV Tylenol or antibiotics x2 and baby girls heart rate was elevated and wouldn’t not drop below 180. The decision was made shortly after to proceed with a c section, which I was disappointed about, but I wanted her earth side with no harm done! So we went for a c section that night and my built-in bestie was born at 10:11 PM. We are SMITTEN! Added a photo so you can swoon over her with me 🥰
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Congratulations❤️she’s gorgeous xxx

@Holly Thank you!! 🥹

Congratulations, isn't she just the cutest ❤️

@Katie I’m nothing short of obsessed! 😍

Oh my, dramatic entrance indeed! Congrats to you mama and what a cutie!! Wishing you a speedy recovery

Congratulations, @Jesse, and thanks for sharing your story with us.

Congrats! I’m so happy you are both okay😊 she is beautiful and looks like a little doll.. so precious!

Congratulations she’s too cute

Congrats to you! Sorry it wasn’t exactly what you were expecting! Also you’re in ballground? I’m in canton due in a few days, probably will have to be induced again at northside cherokee 🩷🩷

@Kami yes we are in ball ground!! My induction experience at Cherokee was amazing. From start to finish, even though nothing went according to plan. Would love to get together in the future!

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