Anyone dealing with crazy insomnia lately and intense emotions? I’m just such a mess. I’m exhausted, work is just killing me (counting down until maternity leave & then I’m quitting after, as I’m working 60+ hour weeks for the past 5 months), I can’t sleep, Im so busy with work that I can’t get any baby prep done. I just cry every night because I’m so tired and so stressed but then up all night from the insomnia. Just a never ending cycle.
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I feel the same way! I can’t wait to quit my job and get some sleep

Thankfully haven’t experienced too much insomnia but my emotions are nuts for sure!!

I thought I was the only one feeling this way, but the lord is our strength♥️🙏🏽 I pray we have peace like the river, amen

Same! I believe it’s this job lowkey 😭. On the weekdays I feel so drained because I know imma have to travel 30 mins in traffic and sit at a desk looking at a computer for 8hrs 😕😭. Literally a job I could be doing at home. 🏠

I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and same. I like my job but I've been struggling to concentrate lately and feel guilty about it. Then can't sleep and I'm feeling my emotions super deeply right now. I'm blaming the hormones.

SAME. I cannot seem to stay asleep and it's terrible

Yes I have to drink coffee to function

I am feeling this way and my job isn’t even that stressful… but lately I am MISERABLE being at work. I want to quit after maternity leave and go take a part time job somewhere to help with some bills. But I can’t do this 8am - 5pm gig after baby is here.

Part time work for a full time salary, that's my dream 😜

Hormones prepping you for the newborn stage!

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