How much water?

Hello! Baby girl is 6 months so we are starting our weaning journey. How much water did people give baby to start with? NHS just says ‘sips with meals’. So do I just fill a cup up with a small amount of water? Or did you fill it up completely and then by the time they’ve spilt some etc they would only end up taking a small bit?
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We just fill the cup up and let her try it. She just spits most of it out and probably only takes 15ml but at least it is some x

I find it easier to have a full cup as they don’t need to tip it up as much to get any water out. At almost 11 months she still actually drinks very little but she understands the concept and has a good go (with me holding onto the cup!)

I think depending on the meal you’re giving will depend on how much they’ll take - my girl at 6m takes more if she’s eating biscuits (as their dry) rather than if she’s having like purée she’ll only sip. I fill up about 150ml and whatever she takes that’s good enough for me

Just fill the cup

My 6m daughter sees a Speech and Language Therapist and a pediatric dietician as she's tube fed (also on bottles and solids, trying to wean her off the tube) and we were told (general advice) that 6 month old babies need about a litre of fluid per day (including milk and liquid in foods) so for us that means she needs about 70ml of water per day. Speech and Language have suggested we fill a sippy cup with water and offer her sips every 10 minutes or so when it's convenient and with meals and just track it throughout the day. When starting out babies will usually only get a tiny amount and you control the flow rate and can stop after a sip. You'd be surprised how little they actually get even with constant sips. As long as you're not giving multiple cups full then it's fine to go with your instincts.

Anytime i give him food after his bottle I give him 1-2 sips. Because he’s still having 2-3 bottles of formula a day and he still gets a lot of water from that

@Patrycja I know this is probably a really stupid question but do you give it in the baby bottle or how?

@Victoria definitely not a stupid question babe ! yes I give it to her in a normal baby bottle that she’d drink milk out of I ordered handles for the bottle she loves to hold it herself but also most of the time makes me give it to her 🤦🏼‍♀️ she’ll just let me know if she wants some or I’ll try offer it to her myself. I’ve tried a sippy cup but she isn’t interested in it whatsoever. This is also along side her 4 feeds of 210ml bottles I think as they grow they’ll naturally need more fluids also how active they are on hotter days she would refuse drinking milk but would happily sip water away. This took me a few times to figure out so don’t put too much pressure on yourself - message me if you wish anytime 🥰 x

When my daughter was that age, and we were starting out with food, purées whatever (little more when it came to dry: ie: little bit of pb spread onto toast) I was just filling a syringe and after 3/4 bites (depending on what she’s eating). I’d squirt a little in her mouth. You want them to get use to water but at the same time bm/formula are high in water content and milk is more beneficial then just plain water is for them till they reach 1yr. But it is important to introduce it. Little under 1 I’d drink from a cup and let her take sips too, and also from my water bottle when we were out and about (just a couple sips). 1yr is when I filled cups/water bottles and let her drink as much she wants when she wants. Especially when we’re outside.

Yes my health visitor said the same .water only for rinsing mouth after any meals for 6 months baby

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