When do babies develop the following?

Motor control that enables them to be gentle, impulse control and comprehension of what "gentle hands" actually means? Asking for my cat 🥲
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I’d like to know too 😺 I feel like it might be quite a while x

Please let it be soon! Asking for my nipples which she now likes to grab/practice her pincer grasp on before a feed.

My niece is 13 months and is finally becoming less impulsive with grabbing my 10 month old 😅 I feel like little ones have less impulse control with animals though!

My daughter is nearly 4. She knows what “gentle” means, but she is just naturally really heavy handed 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Sarah I think it might be too! I think my youngest nephew was maybe about 3 when he could do it? X

@Amy omg I feel you 🤣

@C yeah I agree there's something about animals they just can't seem to resist!

@Laurenriley I feel this could be mine. He has no chill with anything!

Sometimes I think my boy knows already..he likes to rip out the flowers in our garden 😂 I remind him to be gentle and he generally stops or is gentle…my MIL said that it worked for her in their garden too. However, sometimes when I say it he just does it even more 😂

@Polly they cannot be controlled 🤣 mine can actually stroke with her a flat hand, he used to do it, and just the occasional grab. But since he's started crawling it's constant grab attempts! I think because he crawls up towards her and then it's more of a natural movement to grab than do an open flat hand from crawling. But he will not just sit next to her and open hand stroke anymore. It's exhausting trying to keep him off her all the time!

@Rebecca oh I can only imagine how many times you have to move him away 😂 I feel like the more you move them, the more they want to do it too!

@Polly totally! Then he gets sad that he can't stroke her 😢

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