Mums with multiple kids, how do you manage to go out ?

Any tips advice pls. I have 2.5 year old girl and 5 weeks old boy. I feel like we are all frustrated 😩 at home. It’s just me n my kids during day time.
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Literally me… a 4 week old and 15 month old living in a village with no driving license 🫠 we do try and get out for walks or the local park but honestly it’s just not really happening unless I have my husband for backup or him driving us to wherever. No tips unfortunately, but yeah… even just getting ready to go out is hard enough. You’re definitely not alone in feeling like that. Do you have a garden?

Feeling the exact same with a 3 week old and a 2.5 year old. Been letting my toddler in and out the garden as much as she wants but feel like it’s too much to head out places still

5wo and 20mo here. We made it to the park yesterday which I was really proud of. Not ventured to a soft play or anything yet but that's my next mission. Other than that it's letting him out r in the garden

I find prepping as much as possible the night before, so I make sure the changing bag is full with nappies, wipes, spare clothes, snacks etc so I can just grab it and go. I also get outfits ready the night before for myself, 2 year old and newborn. It’s still chaos but having those bits ready is helping!

Omg thank u so much mamas for ur responses. My husband won’t be home whole week next week and I’m already so tired 😴 god knows how I will handle two. Any experienced mum please share your experience. I scolded my toddler yesterday because she wouldn’t go nap although she is overtired and I felt so bad. Later she napped and went out with husband for a cycle ride. She was happy baby, I felt so sad 😞 Yes we have garden, also anyone’s toddler not listening them ?? My toddler was a golden girl now doesn’t listen n throws stuff or kicks me . I know it’s for attention she wants but seriously 😟

You just have to kind of do it. Push yourself to keep going further and out for longer. So start with the park and then maybe the shops try and go when they’re both in good moods. Maybe so like not long after breakfast until you feel confident about dealing with double tantrums out and about x

I’ve got a 6 week old & a 1 year old and I literally have to force myself to go out 😂 I try and get as much organised the night before as possible, pack the car and just make a beeline for the door. Otherwise if I let things snow ball before I know it’s it’s dinner time I’ve not eaten still in my pjs and ready to rip my hair out 😂😂 xx

i have a 16 month old and nearly 4 week old, i’ve stuck to mine and my sons normal routine and just brought baby along, soft play, walks and baby groups. as was said above i just prep the night before to make my morning easier so we’re on time to everything lol!x

I'm going out with both for the first time tomorrow. I've planned to do something easy that my toddler already enjoys and we already have a routine with so we're going to the library, as I know I can also breastfeed the baby there easily if needed. Tonight I've packed bags and also made my toddler a packed lunch so he can either eat it when out or if we get home and the baby needs feeding it's already sorted for him! I'm just pushing myself to do it as early as possible (baby is 3 weeks) so that I don't put it off and get scared🙈

I’ve found everything takes 10x longer haha but just staying calm and going with it helps. I have a toddler (2 years 4 months) and 2 and half week old baby. ( also have a 13 year old - so helpful when I have him for extra hands) but just me and the littles I have bought a harness for the toddler just to give me peace of mind when getting them out of the car as that was making me nervous and didn’t have enough arms, especially near to roads ect.

👌 superb tips and advice there , thank you all lovelies. Bravo 🙌 for being organised and attempting to go out out. I’m going to do solo parenting next week and will have to get out, I hope I can apply those tips and advices you’ve mentioned x

Forgot to say, I've also set my alarm to get up and get myself dressed and sorted before my toddler wakes up. Definitely going to be tired after being awake doing night feeds but I'll take tiredness for a less stressful morning getting ready!

Everything is harder for us and for the toddler, they use to be centre of attention and now they're not. My son was amazing and now terrible 2 have come and escalated it with new baby. I went out to town last week and it was the worst experience so I've scaled back just going to the park. I did a search for all green spaces within a 20min walk (no driving here) I've also made a point to do things just with my toddler so he has one on one time when the baby is asleep or dads home that has really helped calm him down. If you have a garden then just use that as your going out ..don't put to much pressure on yourself give yourself grace it will all settle once baby is a little older (I'm told)

@Michaela you’re right ! We have garden so will be using it. I will b solo parenting two kids whole week as my husband is away, will have to stay safe … I can’t imagine dealing with hyperactive toddler n bfding baby

You could even pretend and make going into the garden and event. Walk around the house like you would outside and end up at the ",new," park

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