Tell me about your worst mental breakdown with a newborn

So I don’t feel like a horrible person
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I tried to leave the house once on a sunny day 4 times. Every time I got us both ready, she’d vomit or poo or I’d leak through my top. Outfit change after outfit change, nappy after nappy until I gave up and sat on the stairs crying. 3 hours just to go outside for a walk. It gets better xxx

My OH went for a nap just as I was getting ready for a bath, so I had my LG in her new swing next to the bath and thought I'd be able to get the important bits cleaned and out before she created (she didn't like her swing at the time!) But every time I took my hands away from her she *Screamed* so I didn't even get to put soap on my sponge before I had to get out. Then she would not stop crying and I couldn't figure out what she wanted (she was fed, dry, and i thought she had given me all her wind), as soon as she settled down and I moved the slightest bit she would start up again, we ended up rocking back on forth on the sofa, crying together for a solid 20 minutes until she finally gave me a massive burp and then went to sleep until her next bottle ❤️

I had been awake since 5am, it got to 2am the next morning and she was still so grumpy and wouldn't stop crying. I ended up snapping and holding her up and just screaming "please just shut up" her little face got so shocked and cried 20x harder and that absolutely broke me and made me so upset with myself and I realised sometimes I have to just leave the room, it doesn't always work but with a chance

My baby wouldn’t stop crying and I had done everything and I just needed for him to sleep longer so I put the white noise as loud as I could screamed my guts out in the dark while holding my crying baby who also cried more after I screamed 🙃🙃

My partner had to go away for a weekend when my baby was just over a month old and that was his first growth spurt so he was up every 1-2 hours wanting to eat and I honestly ended up crying begging him to go back to sleep at like 4 am I was inconsolable and he just stared at me for hours and wouldn’t sleep I was exhausted and I was exclusively pumping so I also had to get up to do that in between and then ofcourse he was back to normal when my husband got home lol

The first day of my daughter's colic stretch which lasted from about 2 weeks to 3 months old. She would cry every night for hours on end, but that first night was the worst. She screamed for 7 hours straight no matter what I did, I was so sleep deprived because she would wake every hour through the night to be fed, so I was already running on empty. At one point both me and my partner had been carrying her/bouncing her/ walking up and down the stairs with her, i was at my wits end, I don't know how many times I tried screaming into a pillow and told my partner to call 111 because by that point I was sure something must be horribly wrong. He spoke to them while I carried on trying to settle her crying my eyes out and beginning to understand what pushes people to shake babies. Obviously I never did, but it was horrific. She finally fell asleep from exhaustion at about 3am & we got the 111 callback shortly after. They said she needs to be awake to run through checks, I said I'm absolutely not waking her 😵‍💫

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