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Has anyone bought / looked into pumps yet? I’m going to buy the hakka to collect letdown and I know you can pump with it if necessary however I’m wondering if it’s worth me getting an electric one too. I’m planning to breastfeed and possibly eventually express so my boyfriend can give her a bottle also but do you need one before that? Breastfeeding stresses me out a bit 🤣 do you usually pump one boob after baby has fed from the other or do you just leave it until the next feed etc?
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It’s worth having the option of an electric there for when you eventually do decide to express. For my first, I pumped in my spare time when I could put baby down but it was time consuming when I had other things to do so ended up not bothering most of the time. I did like the Hakka though I found it less faffy, it was quiet and actually worked well as a pump anyway I think I used to pump the other breast that would have had more milk. By the next feed your milk should have regenerated again

I really like my Momcozy s9 ones. ☺️

I had planned breastfeeding with my first and was unable to and so I pumped for 6 months. I loved our Medela and also the momcozy for cordless pumping.

A hands free pump saved me otherwise you feel like you’re trapped and unable to do much else. I loved the momcozy pump and will be using again with this baby! Sometimes my son fell asleep mid feed and I needed to pump just to get some relief - it made it much easier just to pop them in my bra and go about my day x

I have an Elvie and this time I’ll bring it to the hospital with me. The hospital gave us one before but they kept needing it back for other people. We needed more colostrum than we took too. Found it harder to begin with than I thought but I’m still feeding her at 15 months so looks like I’ll be feeding two 🤪

@Annalise ah so did you take colostrum to the hospital? How did you store it there? X

Thanks everyone! I went with the momcozy m5 - a creator I follow had a discount code 😉

@Anna yes we took 10 or so tubes, you just hand it over when you get there and they store it for you. Make sure it’s labelled! We used it all within 24 hours or so then we had to get more.. so I wish we taken more x

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