Hi guys. Has anyone used anything like this? Are they any good and are you allowed them on the plane please?
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We didn’t, because our airlines didn’t allow them. Also, just because the airline might allow things like these, the actual aircraft may not depending on the airplane operational handbook (we flew to NZ January 2023). Best bet is to call the customer service for the airline, and also check with air crew when you board

@Christy ahh OK thank you I thought this might be the case xxx

@Emma we booked a seat for our 15 month old & had a 5 point harness for him - he’s a big babe & we wanted the ability to put him down safely during that 30+ hours of flying. We weren’t allowed to use the harness at all because the aircrafts wouldn’t allow it - even though we’d cleared it with customer service prior to the travel. The air crew wouldn’t let us use any “accessories” as per their on board procedures. It was really really frustrating 🙈 definitely worth checking though as I know some airlines allow the blow up footrests / Stokke Jet Kids cases.

Most airlines allow and actually recommend the jet kids bedbox. It’s expensive but it was worth it for us.

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