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Does anyone else have a lazy baby? My LB is now 7 months old and will not go into a decent sleep routine. He wakes up around 10:30-11am, has 2 20 minute naps throughout the day and then doesn’t go to bed until 11:30-12:00am. I try my best to get him up early in the mornings as an effort to get him into a better routine but nothing is working. I started settling him for bed at 7pm but it’s always a massive fights and ends up with him staying awake. Am I doing something wrong?
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You’re not doing anything wrong at all - and I don’t think the baby is lazy he’s just in a routine. And some babies have low sleep needs. Can you try getting him up 15-30 minutes early each night so that you can slowly over a week or two adjust his day? He won’t do it in one day but overtime he will. Also try making it bright at an earlier hour and then the same with making it dark. Start taking him to his room at 7pm and do low energy activities like reading a book or singing to him, telling him about plans for the next day or the weekend. I’ve used a red light ever since she was born and that shows it’s bedtime and she also goes into her sleeping bag. Day naps at that age are tricky - my daughter didn’t sleep long for day naps until she started walking.

Baby just seems to have his own routine going on. You could try waking him up 15 minutes early for a few days, then another 15 minutes, then another etc and see how he goes. For naps, I would suggest in a dark quiet room for good quality sleep. We use Tommee Tippee blackouts and it helps so much. Then hopefully with earlier wake ups and better naps he will sleep earlier. But you’re not doing anything wrong, he just seems stuck in his own routine right now

@Roberta I’ve tried getting him up earlier and it just doesn’t work he crashes out again no matter the activitiy. Light or dark just doesn’t affect him, I have tried leaving his curtains open a little bit so that the sun shines into his room when it comes up and it has zero effect on him. He gets taken to his room at 7 and read his books whilst having a cuddle and I end up staying in there until midnight because he just doesn’t go off to sleep. He has a sleeping bag which he goes into at 7pm, I stop allowing him to have naps after 4:30pm. I’ve even cut down his day time naps and just nothing will work. His day time naps I don’t care about I purposely wake him up after 20 minutes to try get him to sleep earlier in the evening but that also hasn’t worked. I don’t know what to do anymore and I’m one exhausted mumma because I’m up around 7:30-8am and not getting to bed until 12:30-1am

At 7 months baby should be having still 3 hours day time sleep and it will actually make it easier for them to go down earlier at night ! I payed for the help of a sleep consultant and she said if they are not having enough day time sleep they will be overtired even if they don’t seem it. I have a 16 month old and he still has 2.5 hours day time sleep and goes to bed at 7 and up at 7.30. So I would suggest trying to give longer naps and look up age appropriate wake windows as that’s what is most important the amount of time for each age to be awake before a nap or nighttime sleep x

@Isabella unfortunately this doesn’t work. My little boy used to have 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon and it would make it harder to get him to bed, when he was having 3 hours during the day he wasn’t going down until 2am so cutting his sleeps has actually worked a little bit.

I dont think you’ll have any luck changing the routine until he has longer naps- can you contact nap once a day for 1.5 hours so he gets a decent nap? How do you get him to sleep do you rock/dummy/feed etc? Once that is tackled you can try and start bringing the routine forward. Mine used to go to bed at 11pm/midnight but Ive got it forward to around 9/10pm and still a work in progress but getting there. She sleeps til 8.30am but naps around 2.5-3 hours during the day

@CeeCee longer naps just isn’t the answer for us, as I said above I purposely cut down his naps as longer naps do not work for us. When he has longer naps he goes to bed around 2am. 9/10 he’ll feed to sleep but that’s only because that’s where his feeds seems to fall as I am exclusively breastfeeding. He happily goes to sleep without feeding to sleep if he isn’t due a feed

I think you just need to play around with nap duration- the 2 hours may have been too longer and interfering with night time sleep. I just personally dont think a baby this young can cope with those naps, and if youre having to wake him from naps it tells you he needs more sleep. If none of our advice seems feasible maybe contact your HV and see if anything is wrong xx

@CeeCee I used to have to wake him, he now wakes up on his own after 20 minutes, I tried my hv and she told me he’ll sleep when he’s tired and his routine is fine. I’m both physically and mentally exhausted and cannot take it much longer😔 I’m basically doing this all alone because my partner works. I’m going to try everyone’s suggestions I’m just worried longer naps is going to make us take 10 steps back instead of going forward if that makes sense

I hope you get some relief soon ❤️ I guess I would just try and look at the day as 24 hours like newborn days- if you can try and do a longer snuggly contact nap you could co sleep with him on the bed, and just try and get some sleep when you can. Thats what I do after an awful night! xx

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