I want to leave my baby daddy after us having our first baby things had change so much between us to the point where I have to go to bed crying, I had lost my job and then I found out I was pregnant (I’m currently 25 weeks) so I been a sahm for a few months. He been cheating and I keep finding out things after he tells me he will change but it never stop, I feel so tired of all this and things don’t get any better between us. I just want to leave but I don't know how to do it since I don’t got any income or nowhere to go. I’m so sad and I hate that my baby has to see me crying, please can somebody help me
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Your baby will be happy and not see you upset if / when you leave. Speak to your local council see if they can help x don’t put up with it not worth it. You will be happy again x

Apply for universal credit and go to the council and explain the situation

Social services cash assistance daycare program etc etc

Go to your council and see if they can get you get up in a women's shelter for you and your baby. From there get yourself set up with as many community help as possible with income, jobs, daycare support and more.

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