SMA Alfamino Preparation *DIRECT FROM SMA*

I've been so confused with the whole " water to be 70 degrees" for formula prep as their is so many different opinions. Can't speak for other formulas but I contacted SMA directly and this was their response on how to correctly prepare this formula. Hope this helps clear up for anyone else too!
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This is the same reasons why normal forumal needs to be prepped this way but too many people argue it 🙄 thank you for clarifying it for those that use this formula

Thanks for this! So it’s a no to use boiling water for hot shot then the rest cool boiling water? That’s how I’ve been doing it as I find it hard to time the 30 mins as I feed on demand but will need to try harder!

I do a hot shot but add it straight to the room temp water so not super hot but hot enough baby will drink it xx

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