How long are your breastfeeding sessions taking?

My baby will only nurse for about 3 to 6 minutes every three hours and seems satisfied with that. When he was a newborn, he would take 10 to 20 minutes to eat so he’s always been a fairly quick eater. But I’m just wondering if he’s getting what he needs from short sessions?
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Same as you! I think they just get mega efficient as they get older x

Same here, 5-6 mins from both breast in total per feed. At night it takes upto 10 mins

Me too. It's made me feel like i don't have enough mil for her. She also gets frustrated after a few minutes of suckling and has been throwing her head back

Same here too! Used to take up to 40 minutes a feed and now she’s doing around 5 minutes max. Plus another 5 minutes of messing around, throwing her head back and offering the boob multiple times before she properly takes it 🙈

Same here

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