Daily Routine?

My LO is going through a sleep regression and his routine is all over the place, I was wondering what’s everyone routines? He wakes at 6am and is refusing to nap💀
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same & before 6 the sleep has been very minimal too that i’m not getting ANY sleep & like suuuuper fussy. like girl your fussy bc you need to sleep more than 2 min at a time 🥲😭😭

@Ashlyn literally it’s killing me off 😭 throwing the whole day out and it’s like please let me help you just take a damn nap😭💀

& then i’m expected to be a whole human and “be productive” or “get out of the house” when ive gotten .5 hours of sleep over 24 hours time lmao like nope for the time being we will be napping during the day as much as possible & idc what gets done im mf exhausted 🤣

I’ve personally been co sleeping but it’s not for everyone my baby just hates his crib and refuses to sleep for more then 30 minutes in it but will sleep all night with me or nap for like 2 hours

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