Door frame jumpers

Has anyone used one like this? Did their wee one enjoy it?
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These are so bad for their hips please do not use them!

@Elena my mum used one on me and my siblings and we’re all fine?

You do you, maybe do some research x

🤣there’s issues with everything nowadays. Everything is fine in moderation. My HV had no issue that I was using one of these. This is the exact one I had! My boy absolutely loved it, on bad teething days it was literally the only thing that made him happy. He’d be bouncing and swinging everywhere laughing his head off. He stopped using it around 8 months I think as he could crawl then so just wanted to do that. He’s now walking at 11 months and has no hip issues x

@Amelia exactly my thoughts! My mum put me in one every day whilst she cleaned the house, I’m now 24 years old and I don’t have any hip issues 😂 can I ask how old your wee one was when you started using it? X

Me too! 🤣. I think he was around 5 months. When he could confidently hold his head and back up x

We had this. Ours was worth its weight in gold! Just got rid of ours and she’s nearly 2 lol She absolutely loved it it was her Favourite thing to do. I used responsibly (most days) but it was a blessing at teatime as she was safe in the bouncer whilst I cooked. You do you 😉

My first loved it lol just limit the time they are in them. We did like 10 minutes a day while he was interested in it

My friends little girl has one like this and LOVES IT. As for not using them. Gods sake you can't do anything these days. We used them as kids, no issues for me or my siblings. We're all above the age of 20, I'm 34. Again no issues with any of us.

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