How many times a night is everyone newborn awaking during the night? Mine is a month and 3weeks old
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My LG (6w 5d) will sleep for about an hour after being fed and winded, then is awake, unless she is on me then she will sleep all day and night haha

My baby just turned 6 weeks old and isn't the best sleeper. She'll never sleep longer than a 3 hour stretch. Most nights we are up every 1.5 hours 🤣

@Amanda oh okay my twins wake hours to feed during the night is 6pm, 11pm, between 4-6am and then between 7-11am.

My son is 8weeks and we are still getting up every two hours 🤷🏻‍♀️

@Cassie how much are you feeding him

@Nyiaa 4oz bottle every two hours

My baby is 7 weeks and currently having her last feed at midnight then waking up at 7/7:30 then feeding and back to sleep until 10:30. She’s exclusively breast fed, sometimes she does wake around 5:30 for a feed but we’ve been lucky with her sleeping 7 hour stretches.

My son is 8weeks old and remains getting me up every 2-3 hours 😢

About 3 times. Once at 11pm, then 2 am, then 5 am. He’s 5 weeks for reference

My little girl is 9 weeks and it really varies but she tends to wake for one feed in the night. We’re aiming to get her down for bed between 8/9 and we’ve had a night she did 7 hours straight! However last night she woke at 1am and again at 5am but it is quite normal for her to be an early riser 😅. X

@Becca yess okay this is how one of my twins fed last night I’m so happy to gain sleep back at night lol.

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