Some docs and misleading advice

Imagine a doctor telling me during my 6 weeks postpartum check that since I'm breastfeeding, I'm protected from getting pregnant. I was in a hurry, so I didn't have the time to tell him that with my first child, my period came shortly after my postpartum bleeding ended, even though I EBF. This was 3 years ago. If I didn't have this experience, I would have believed him and probably gotten pregnant again while still nurturing my 9 weeks old baby.
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Ya thats when you are most fertile. Take me for example. My son will be a yr old for a few days when my daughter is born. August 21st and baby girl will be here August 25th

Same! My kids are 13 mos apart!

I wasn't a fan of my 6 week check at the GP. I never go, so I'd not met them before... I honestly felt like a midwife would have been beneficial compared to him. I understand them checking baby, but there was nothing for me bar putting me on a contraceptive, which, I later found out, would have ruined my milk supply. Everything is so new and so focused on the baby that it felt like I was totally forgotten (and honestly, I sort of forgot about myself too) x

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